Carny Town

Dominic Allan, ZoŽ Brown, Marisa Carnesky, Jo David, Charlie Fox, Webster Gotts, Rachael House, Sarah Jones, Lady Lucy, Mark McGowan, Alex Michon and Cathie Pilkington

Curated by Jo David and Rachael House

Still from 'Wuqiao' by ZoŽ Brown

Still from 'Wuqiao' by ZoŽ Brown

10 July to 19 July 2008

Open: Thur-Fri 4-7pm, Sat 1-6pm

A Space Station Sixty-Five exhibition at:
The Portman Gallery,
Portman Place,
London E2 OPX

And featuring;
the map of The Ride of Life.

The Portman Gallery Ďis a project that bridges the world of education and that of contemporary artí by placing a contemporary art gallery in a state school site in East London."

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