Space Station Sixty-Five (SS65) is an artist-run space based in South-East London. Co-directed by Rachael House and Jo David, SS65 has been running since July 2002.

At artist-led Space Station Sixty-Five, we continue to curate the contemporary art we love in accessible venues, unswayed by fashion, trends and the whims of government funding.

The project involves ongoing research into the placing of contemporary art, it’s audiences and it’s relationship to the everyday. We foster a large and diverse audience, which comes from a wide range of backgrounds.

We encourage local people to engage with the work of the artists, and artists to engage with the community. The gallery has a healthy local following as well as a wider contemporary art audience.

Window exhibitions engage with the street when there are not shows open to the public. We experiment with the way the building is used and explore the nature of an art space and how to use it.

Over 3000 people visited the space and even more enjoyed the window exhibitions during the first year.

Recent projects include The Marquis of Camberwell, part of Live on Stage at a Camberwell pub, Carney Town at The Portman Gallery, Peckham Pet-Tastic 3, our second window installation at The Waterloo Health Centre (a working GP surgery, Lower Marsh) and The Peckham Experiment at Camberwell Space, Camberwell School of Art.
After six years of curation, our East Dulwich shop front gallery and project space has become a base from which to re-launch as an expanded organisation.

Recently the organisation has begun supporting other arts initiatives with which we share similar aims.

They do a nice line in performance art pranks… but it’s not just a joke: Space Station Sixty-Five’s artists have exhibited in London’s public galleries, won prizes and been shown at biennales. Ben Lewis, London Galleries to Watch, Evening Standard, 18/01/2008