Five Feminist Fables for the Twenty-First Century.

The F Word Project: Five Feminist Fables for the Twenty-first Century is a body of art, collected in a series of feminist graphic novellas by Maureen Burdock.

Each novella features a common heroine originating from a culture whose current traditions cause women hardship, despite which they emerge strong and triumphant. The F Word Project increases awareness of women’s struggles worldwide and the need for elimination of the injustices they experience. It provides inspirational role models for women by creating brave protagonists from various walks of life. In addition to the depiction of problems, the intelligence and goodness of human nature that make change possible are emphasised through the use of humour and engaging art and narratives.

Space Station Sixty-Five are pleased to announce the entire series of drawings for Mumbi & the Long Run, the next F Word Fable, will be exhibited here in London.

Mumbi is living at a camp in Santa Fe, New Mexico,
and training to run the Berlin Marathon. As she runs the trails and roads of Northern New Mexico, we learn, through a series of flashbacks, how she became an international long distance runner in Kenya, about the demons that drive her, and about the larger dream she is pursuing.

When Mumbi was 10 years old, her beloved older sister Makena died from an infection following circumcision. Mumbi is determined to win the Berlin Marathon, because with the prize money, she can help build dorms and develop programming for girls throughout Kenya and establish alternative rites of passage for girls to help eliminate the practice of female genital cutting and early marriage. This is a bittersweet story of love, grief, and leadership.

-Maureen Burdock

Maureen was interviewed by Alex Fitch, of Panel
Borders, a radio programme devoted to comics and graphic novels on London’s Resonance FM.
Listen to the interview here

If you would like more information about female genital mutilation (FGM) please visit the Daughters of Eve’s website,

They are a campaign group working to protect girls and young women at risk of FGM.

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