'Misty Fur Sculpture', unique thumb-sized editions by Jo David launched to coincide with the No Now! exhibition.

'Misty Fur Sculpture', unique thumb-sized editions by Jo David launched to coincide with the No Now! exhibition.

20 July to 29 July 2012

and by appointment

Space Station Sixty-Five is 10 years old this July.

We have invited a selection of artists to be part of this celebratory exhibition, some of whom we have shown during the last ten years, as well as some we hope to work more with in the future.

Invited Artists are 
Rosalie Schweiker, Cathie Pilkington, Ole Hagen, Edwina Ashton, Stephen Nelson, Paul Jones, Annie Whiles, Sonia Boyce, Brian Griffiths, Amanda Francis, Craig Fisher, Jennet Thomas, Francis Thorburn & Joel Gray, Rosie Lee, Sarah Jones and for this special occasion, the Space Station Sixty-Five team.

No Now! open submission
As part of No Now! there was an opportunity for everyone to add to the curated exhibition by bringing work along on the opening night, Friday 20th July 6.30-8.30pm.

We had 108 submissions from:
Sarah Lovett, ShizicoYi, Eleanor Fawcett, Liz Lewenstwein, Justine Pearsall, Debra Swann, Pete Burke, Anthea Toorchen, Nicole Nollett, Jo Fisher Roberts, Rosana Miracco, Murray Anderson, Tony Antrobus, Donna Barnett, Uliana Apatina, Marie Brenneis & Oliver Adam, Alison Marchant, Francis Ailhurst, Eva Rudinger, Sarah Alaxander, Jo David, Clare Hartford, Rachael House, Gordon Dawson, Rachel Watts, Bernard Walsh, Raksha Patel, Tom Ireland, Marina Rees, DC Mason, Joan Byrne, Helen Murphy, Oona Grimes, Void 5, Rosemary Phelps, Judith Dean, Wilhelmina Baldwin, Anna Baker, Sarah Doyle, Dom Arigateau, Christopher Clack, John Butterworth, Jo Dennis, Rebecca Feiner, Gary Alexander, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Mary Yacoob,  Manjinder Sidhu, Wayne Lucas, Olga Jurgenson, Bella Eason, Chloe Pearl, Belle Thackray, Liz Sergeant, Chris White, Pen, Raphael Prais, Toseki An, Matilda, Mel Cole, Alex Baker, Loenie Cronin, Richard Elliott, Sam Rees, Jacqueline Utley, Jolie Goodman, Sarah Sparkes, Gary Kempson, Miyaki Kasahara, Sarah Willett, Iavor Lubomirov, Alison Jones, Rebecca Fortnum, Phil Polglaze, Helen Barff, Caroline Wright, Tim Siddall, Jacob Khan, Tracey Smith, Dido Hallett, Anne Robinson, Angela Mellen, Tracey Payne, Shelly Theodore, Kaz, Steve Bunn, Kit Poulson, Calum F. Kerr, Simon Ould, Denise Hawrysio, DJ Roberts, Mirabel Poulson, Lady Lucy, Adam Walker, Sarah Andrew, Gin Dunscoms, Charlotte Squire, Jeremy Glogan, Jessica Potter, Emma Alonze, Lee Campell, Amber Ablett, Frog Morris, Charlotte Young, Tom Estes, Charlie Fox and Joe Sutherland.