Friday 31 May 2013

Camberwell MA Fine Art

Curated by Emily Purser

Perfect Patio

31 May 6.30-8.30 only

SS65 are pleased to support Camberwell MA Fine Art by hosting two one night exhibitions.

The first exhibition took place on March 15th,
Please see ‘Ides Of March’

The works of nine artists from the MA Fine Arts programme at Camberwell & Chelsea are brought together for one night in this vibrant and exciting exhibition at Space Station Sixty-Five. The unexpected associations and fortuitous relations that occur when these seemingly disconnected works are presented together create a garden of playfulness and provocative connections.

The contemplative and the frivolous converge, the point where the two encounter creating an atmosphere of suspense; a plot of creativity ripe with intrigue and amusement.
The artists will present their ongoing practice of object-based work, video installations, paintings and photography alongside newly commissioned works for this exhibition. A limited edition screen-printed poster will accompany the exhibition.

Featuring work from Liana Bortolozzo, Chris Daly, Robina Doxi, Gin Dunscombe, Clare Harford, Alice Kelway-Bamber, Keivan Sarrafan, Kirsty Skears and Kim Thornton.

Perfect Patio exhibition views

Perfect Patio exhibition views