JJ Stevens

Event Opening 6.30 – 9 pm December 12th 2003.

A Space Station Sixty-Five continuous window show. Endurance/performance video installation of exaggerated drag and uncomfortable camp turning ugly.

Dandy features a strangely comical, sexually ambiguous and luridly colourful caricature of clownish drag. In this cabaret guise, the artist performs a doomed attempt of sustaining a lively and spontaneous moment for the video camera. Initially the viewer is arrested with a photographically still image of the character in an expressive and playful pose, slowly features emerge that expose the subject’s attempt at composure and his performance becomes an obsessive endurance.

Dandy begins as a portrait of a humorous personality and decays into a spasm of self-torment and visceral effect with undertones of violence and torture. Our Dandy is a victim of his own narcissism, forever trapped behind the lens he pandered to as the video loops backwards and continuously on.

Dandy at Space Station Sixty-Five is a window installation, designed for viewing from the street, with elements developing throughout its display. Extended viewing of pieces from the Dandy project available by appointment.

JJ Stevens was selected and shown in this years Bloomberg New Contemporaries at Cornerhouse Manchester and 14 Wharf Road London.
JJ Stevens lives and works in London.