Kevin Osmond


PRESS PREVIEW: Thursday 10 June 2004 2-4 pm
PRIVATE VIEW: Friday 11 June 2004 6.30-9 pm.

Kevin Osmond’s new work questions the mundane. He asks, “How many forms can be made from the length of a paperclip?” “what kind of doodles can be created from the life of one pen?” “How infinite is a constellation of wooden rods?”

Osmond transforms cheap and familiar office and household products, such as plastic coffee cups and sugar stirrers, styrene packaging, tile spacers and nylon bristles, into surprisingly intricate artworks that reference forms in our world and forms that could exist somewhere out there in the universe. Performing meticulously repetitive actions he discovers endless possibilities in the time-consuming creation of each artwork – unless he applies some kind of obsessive control over them, which he usually does.

Through investigations into the material and immaterial, weight and weightlessness, surface and space, Osmond deals with notions of metamorphosis and evolution. He creates biomorphic and geometric structures – journeys into microcosms and macrocosms that are united in their fragility.

Having worked with costly industrial materials for years, Osmond also feels concern for society’s ever-increasing mass production and the use of disposable products which are possibly aiding the destruction of our planet. He sets out to rescue these seemingly innocuous products from their intended throwaway function and in doing so gives them ‘added value’.

Osmond lives and works in London. He graduated from the RCA in 2000 and received major sculpture awards and commissions from the Credit Suisse/First Boston and Penguin Books. He has exhibited nationally including recent London exhibitions: Outsized, MoDA; Disposable, Economist Building; Astrolix, Penguin Books; TogetherAgain, Pumphouse Gallery.