Sally Leach


Opening Event 21/04/2006 6.30 – 8.30pm.

Old & new art by ethel in a free-for-all jumble sale. If you like it, you can take it.

ethel is old. ethel is new. ethel is me. ethel is you. ethel does painting. ethel does drawing.

ethel does dulwich. ethel and her unique brand of regenerated artworks has landed at Space Station Sixty-Five. The show is centred around a free-for-all art jumble sale in a wholesome living room environment.

Visitors are invited to participate by taking away with them any artwork that catches their eye. Throughout, ethel will be on hand creating new works to replace those already given away. You are also invited to donate your own jumble to contribute to the process.

The philosophy of the ethel brand is to breathe new life into spent imagery. The work is created by exposing existing objects and images to the ethel ideology, where they are manipulated through painting, drawing and collage.

Sally Leach graduated from Kingston University in 2005 and has shown at APT Gallery, Stanley Picker Gallery and Diorama Arts.

For more information on this project, please contact Jo David on 020 8693 5995 or 07976 601281.