Debra Swann


Event September 13, 18.30-20.30.

It is certain that Swann knows very well the strong magic inherent in the ordinary and everyday: take care as you enter her world.

Debra Swann has form when it comes to acting out; in previous works she has taken on a host of roles, performing variously as scientist, explorer, or philanthropist in order to scrutinize the making of myth and history. In Long Time Dead she is simultaneously collector, archaeologist, anthropologist and psychoanalyst, turning her fascinated but critical gaze upon the objects, tasks, desires and emotions that make up domestic life. It’s easy to find curious the products and rituals of another culture or civilization, but Swann’s investigation ‘ during which she is both the subject and interrogator, and for which she uses a repertoire of common or garden materials ‘ makes clear the very strangeness of the now and the close at hand.
Joanne Lee, 2013

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