Jay Cloth

Cathie Pilkington


Launch event Friday 25 February 6.30-8.30pm

Friday 13th May, 6.30-8.30pm.

Space Station Sixty-Five is delighted to announce that we have commissioned Cathie Pilkington and Jay Cloth to undertake a new collaboration, culminating in this exhibition, Misericord.

Please note: this exhibition contains some images which may be considered unsuitable for children

Exhibition review in Studio International by MK Palomar

Curated by Directors Jo David and Rachael House, the two artists have created an organic sculptural structure, a wunderkammer constructed of other objects, old doors, pieces of timber, combined together to form a provisional, built environment. This support structure serves to bring together disparate objects and convey the topsy-turvy underworld being presented by the artists.

“Misericord is an exhibit, a tableau, a collaborative presentation incorporating the work of two artists, Jay Cloth and Cathie Pilkington. Like the excessively ornamented ecclesiastical structures of the title, Misericord is a licentious space hosting a heterodox collection of images, an elaborate framework into which sculptures and pictures are recursively nested.
Jay Cloth’s profane, iconic collages are wrought from vintage colour lithographs. Cathie Pilkington’s work is a kind of meta-crafting, deploying techniques and imagery from the collective unconscious of painting, sculpture, cheap souvenirs and children’s books.”
Neil Walton