Cathie Pilkington


Launch event Friday 15th May 2009, 6.30-8.30pm
Open Day, Saturday 16th May, 2009, 12-6pm.

A Space Station Sixty-Five window exhibition, viewed from the street 24 hours, or open by appointment.We are pleased to invite you to the launch evening for the second half of Cathie Pilkington’s monkey Toby jug edition, a Space Station Sixty-Five Space Capsule, commissioned as part of an affordable art series. Other sculptures by Cathie Pilkington will also be shown throughout May and June, courtesy of Marlborough Fine Art.

The Toby jugs are slip-cast ceramic and each has been hand-finished by the artist with a unique glaze and painted finish, completing the artist’s run of 25 Seated Figures and 25 Heads, plus artist’s proofs of each. Cathie Pilkington’s Monkey Toby Jugs are set on an increasing price scale, enabling early-adopters to acquire one at a very affordable price. Other sculptures by Cathie Pilkington will also be shown throughout May and June 2009.

The launch evening will feature:
Series from previous Space Capsules, including Stephen Nelson’s Dispersers.

Space Station Sixty-Five are also thrilled to introduce you to Human Cocktail Shaker Robyn Minogue, who will be mixing and serving drinks in her mouth throughout the evening.

Ricochet! Ricochet! distro will be providing a zine table with a fine selection of queer zines. or if you’re of the slimy social networking persuasion,

There is something outsider-ish about her use of the sophisticated strategy of appropriation. Never has the assisted ready-made been so intensively hand-made, so affectionately homespun.
Neil Walton, writing on Cathie’s sculptures in 2004

The jugs are all painted in different colours and shaped either as a monkey’s head with a face like a clown and a funny hat or as a seated, possibly inebriated monkey holding an obligatory tankard. Robert Earl from Ascot, who has been collecting and dealing in Toby jugs for more than 50 years, is incredulous.
‘I have never seen anything like it. I am certain a monkey does not feature on the genuine Toby jug anywhere’
Colin Gleadell, writing on the launch of the Toby Jug Space Capsule in the Daily Telegraph 31/01/2006