Curated by Jo David, Rachael House and Caryn Simonson


Fashioning Bikes, Building Identities.

An exciting short-run exhibition curated to coincide with the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference 2013 in the Triangle Space at Chelsea College of Art.

Motorcycle culture has been a source of inspiration for fashion, film, literature and music ever since motorcycles and their riders were first seen on the streets. The exhibition brings together contemporary art, photography and design, image and object, concept and documentation. Motorcycle Cultures seeks to explore the close link between motorcycle styles and visual identities that are fashioned in tandem with these. Themes addressed include: the aesthetics of speed; the DIY ethos of the custom culture scene; and the importance of community, lifestyle and value that the motorcycle can engender.
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Philippa Brock, Nick Clements, Sam Christmas, Craig Fisher, Adam Fuller, Tom Helyar-Cardwell, Rachael House, Erling T.V. Klingenberg, Ellis Pitt, Cathie Pilkington, Phil Polglaze, Kathryn Round, David Simmonds, Caryn Simonson, Kate Smith, Chris Watson.