Paul Jones

Monday 16th June 6-9pm 2003.

Objective – to make 3D topographical description of an imagined place.  Made out of cardboard from drawings influenced by Martian and Lunar landscape.  This installation will continue the theme of  landscapes from somewhere else.

Whilst an undergraduate at the Royal College, Paul became concerned with the intrinsic nature of materials. How they behave, their surface qualities and potential form and the ‘right’ way to use them. ‘I want the work to have an ‘uncertainty’. To question whether it is what you perceive it to be, how you verify what you think it is. What it’s origins are’.

His work grows intuitively, where the making process is inseparable from the finished product. The work does not imitate nature-rather it parallels it. Having a considered randomness, the difference between accidents and the accidental. Like a phenomenon seen everywhere, virtually everyday things manifest themselves in the work like an aftermath or prelude to an event.

Popcorn is the new building material of the future. The idea is to cross-match popcorn with certain properties from products such as expanding foam, so one would start off with a genetically engineered Kernel block. When a catalyst is added it expands hundreds of times larger then it’s original self. Each kernel will have the capability to hold a jumbo jet.

The best results will come from the experiments in outer space. With the help of a weightless environment the material will turn into a form of such organic complexity, it will be hard to believe that they are synthetic man made environments.