A Space Station Sixty-Five window exhibition, viewed from the street

Wednesday 15 October – Sunday 26th October
In collaboration with Laughter Lab, counterproductions will be a specially commissioned Smiling Mantra Poster.

Monday 27th October – Friday 7th November, 5-7pm. Project supported by Urban Bear Research Centre.

Saturday 8th November – Wednesday 19th November
Project supported by Urban Bear Research Centre.

In the recently published Persia in Peckham in the section ‘The gentle art of corner shopping’ the author Sally Butcher exhorts the customer to “Smile more, please.”

Humour plays a large part in the everyday work of the small shop and business. counterproductions seeks to support this heroic struggle of independent shopkeepers to survive the seemingly inexorable spread of supermarkets, big finance and bullying urban development. Within the fluid, everchanging flow of people that make up the extraordinary diversity of South East London, the independent business keeps the community alive.

SO LETS STICK TOGETHER, smile more, laugh now and cry less. Things can only get better.

And so to celebrate this independence, counterproductions will be presenting three posters at Space Station Sixty-Five.

“These mantra posters offer salutary advice to the passers by and residents of South East London, helping them to negotiate the stresses and strains of inner-city living.”
Charlie Fox.

Signed Posters £5.00 (excluding p+p)
Available from Space Station Sixty-Five.

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