Dean Kenning


Opening event: Friday 27th July 2007 6.30-8.30pm

Closing event: 2.09.07 4-7pm, performances.

A Space Station Sixty-Five window exhibition, viewed from the street.H.P. Lovecraft and the Crisis in British Housing
Exhibition runs: 20.07.07-2.09.07
viewable from the street 24hrs

A catalogue is available for sale, text by John Cussans.

‘TO LET’ signs: the symptom-mushrooms of the disease of private property, spreading like a
fungal infection across the walls of the city!

The outside walls of rented accommodation constitute a vast advertising billboard for Estate
Agents. They appear without warning. ‘TO LET’, ‘LET BY’ – they never seem to come down. If
you live in rented accommodation, your home has been branded: you are a temporary occupant
subject to the authority of the property owner and his agent.

For The Dulwich Horror ‘TO LET’ signs across London will form the canvas onto which
Dean Kenning will paint images representing the supernatural and monstrous entities from
H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Horrible alien beings such as Yog Sothoth, The Outer Ones, and Great Cthulhu himself are famously beyond description (the sight of such creatures would drive
any human over the edge of insanity). Nevertheless, Kenning will have a go.

Dean Kenning is an artist and writer. He has shown work at the London Zoo Art Fair and at Sandroni Rey in LA, and he writes for Art Monthly and Art Review. He is one half of Illuminated Chain, putting on one-night performance/video events.

A limited edition catalogue associated with the exhibition will be available for sale, featuring a text by John Cussans.