Jan Kjetil Bjørheim


Opening event: 28/11/2008 6.30-8.30pm.

A Space Station Sixty-Five window exhibition, viewed from the street or open by appointment

Mixed media installation – video and sculpture

I come with a gift of light from a northern land hidden in darkness. I come with a gift and a message.

You have seen our trees many times before. You buy them during your yuletide holiday and put them in your houses, decorate them with lights and things that glitter. I give to you the hidden part of the tree, revealing the secret of something overlooked, internal, mystical, underground.

With this gift, I show you two journeys and the life-force. The first journey is the path taken to find water, a unique subterranean journey of many years. The second journey began after the end of the first. From North to South, in a box, over sea, and then over land.

I also come with a message, one of water and light, which offers to take you on your own journey. A journey through a landscape of colour and movement, perhaps to outer space, perhaps the very origins of life, the beginning.

To receive the gift and the message from my land you must first make your journey, to Space Station Sixty-Five, between 28th November 2008 and 25th January 2009.


Jan Kjetil Bjorheim is a Norwegian artist who lives and works in Norway. He graduated from Goldsmiths in 2003. In 2008 he took part in Michael Petry’s On the edge, Golden Rain at Egersund Lighthouse, Norway. In 2006 he curated Free Play at Ha Gamle Prestegaard. He exhibited at The Barbican Centre, London in 2007. He has been manager of Nordisk Kunst Plattform since 2007 and Curator of Tou Scene in Tou Vindu, Norway.