Shenton’s cartoons are often camp but they’re not just camp, and they’re not that awful apolitical offensive camp, but a light, knowing, meaningful camp; their first task is to entertain and to make the audience laugh – and often they do much more because the liberation politics that informs his work means that with the laugh there is an acerbic point – a wry observation on how we live or a satirical comment about society and a wider political context, contained in the lives and musings of plausible and likeable characters. Or sometimes it’s just a silly joke.
Graham McKerrow, February 2013.

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Guided Tour
Friday 28/06/2013 18.30 – 20.30
On Friday 28 June David Shenton will be conducting an artist led tour of These Foolish Things from 7pm to coincide with SLAM Last Fridays and London Community Pride 2013 the next day.
The event also features special guest Mark Healey from 17-24-30, whose charity supports Black, Asian and
LGBT people affected by hate crime

Artist Talk

Saturday 27/07/2013 15.30 – 18.00
To celebrate the last day of These Foolish Things, Paul Harfleet of The Pansy Project will be joining David Shenton to talk about their work with artist and Space Station Sixty-Five Co-Director, Jo David.

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