Curated by Jo David and Rachael House

Edwina Ashton, Susan Collis, Paul Jones, Sam Jones, Sarah Jones, Gayle Chong Kwan, Anila Ladwa, Stephen Nelson, Cathie Pilkington, Bada Song, Emma Talbot, Shane Waltener and Annie Whiles


Event Opening: 02/12/2005 6.30-8.30pm
Closing viewing 27/01/06 5-7pm.

A greedy abundance of new, recent and site-specific work.

Writings by Paul O’Kane and Janis Jefferies. Curated by Rachael House and Jo David.

With new additions to the show from Sarah Jones, Susan Collis and Edwina Ashton during the final week.

Additional Event: Discussion 29/01/06 4pm
Led by artist, writer, curator Janis Jefferies with TNO 2 artists Susan Collis, Emma Talbot, Annie Whiles, Stephen Nelson and TNO 2 curators Rachael House and Jo David.

Thy Neighbours�’ Ox 2 follows on from Thy Neighbours’ Ox, an ambitious and successful show curated by artist Sarah Jones for Space Station Sixty-Five in 2003. TNO 2003 questioned the notion of ownership of art objects and suggested a ‘shared right’.

The curators of Thy Neighbours’ Ox 2 on the other hand, have a passionate attachment to objects. Their jealous covetousness has little to do with sharing. They long to pile ’em high, roll around on the art and stroke and fondle it before opening the doors to let others in to see the collections.

The artists taking part in Thy Neighbours’ Ox 2 relish material and process. From the jewel intensity of Susan Collis’ Everyone Felt Fine to the revelry of Sarah Jones’ enamel paint. New, oddly familiar worlds and neighbourhoods are revealed by Edwina Ashton and Paul Jones, while Anila Ladwa weaves new borders and places of exploration or safety. The lush lusciousness of Gayle Chong Kwan’s work shows itself to be over-ripe and redolent of decay. All this excess leads to Sam Jones’ memento mori, a tiara of human hair.

Artists involved in Thy Neighbours’ Ox 2 and Space Station Sixty-Five are also showing work elsewhere: Zara Morris in The Living Centre 9-12/02/06 at APT gallery;
Rachael House and Susan Collis in Brownfield 3/02-5/03/06 at Lounge Gallery; Annie Whiles in Janus 18/01-4/02/06 at cafe gallery projects

The Cockaigne series by Gayle Chong Kwan was produced as a commission for Autograph ABP.