Guy Allott, Wilhelmina Baldwin, Steve Bunn, Benedict Carpenter, Jo David, Eric, Amanda Francis, Ana Genoves, John Gerrard, Joy Gerrard, Brian Griffiths, Katharina Heilein, James Hyde, Paul Jones, Sarah Jones, Stephen Nelson, Mirja Oksanen, Paul O�Kane, Michael Samuels and Alison Wilding

Opening Event Wednesday 24 September 6.30-9pm 2003.

Thy Neighbours’ Ox samples the objects of our desires.

At the start of it’s second year Space Station Sixty-Five expands its aim of bringing together artists at different stages of their career. In this group show Thy Neighbours’ Ox refers to the desire to claim as one’s own. The claim does not refer to ownership but a shared right. There is one ox and many neighbours.

Within the show Alison Wilding examines the taming of the wild, Steve Bunn has been playing on one-armed bandits, Benedict Carpenter takes a flight of fancy in suction and Katharina Heilein wants it all.

Sculptors and object makers brought together by artist Sarah Jones will be contributing new work.
The show includes black British artists and artists from Finland, Spain, Germany, Ireland and the USA. It ranges from the established, such as James Hyde and Alison Wilding who have each been exhibiting for more than 20 years, through to recent MA graduates.