Panel Borders – David Shenton & Sina Sparrow

July 15, 2013 Gay comics month.

Small press gay comics and zines: Continuing a month of shows about gay and lesbian comics, Alex Fitch talks to cartoonists David Shenton and Sina Sparrow about their work. Shenton discusses his plans for new cartoon work and his current exhibition Those Foolish Things, on display at Space Station Sixty-Five gallery in Kennington, South London; and Sparrow talks about his zine Art Fag and contributing to the forthcoming anthology QU33R.

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One Stop Arts

I Just Want to be Taken Seriously as an Artist etc, the title piece of the show, goes about being taken seriously by making itself as unserious as possible. The video piece is played in a darkened room surrounded by clown portraits – their eyes scan the room and make for an extremely uncomfortable viewing experience. It’s an intense space that gave rise to the myriad fears I have of the clown -which was most certainly not quelled by their paused,

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Culture 24, Shari Hatt wants to be taken seriously as an artist

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from coulrophobia (a fear of clowns) then this is probably not the exhibition for you.

At the centrepiece of the display by Canadian visual artist, Shari Hatt, is a provocative photographic series, Clown Portraits, which features striking, close up images of the much-feared circus entertainers.

The clown figure, an emblem of ridicule and entertainment, is used by the artist as the subject of her work as a device to question the line between art and spectacle.

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