JJ Stevens

Event Opening 6.30 – 9 pm December 12th 2003.

A Space Station Sixty-Five continuous window show. Endurance/performance video installation of exaggerated drag and uncomfortable camp turning ugly.

Thy Neighbours’ Ox


Guy Allott, Wilhelmina Baldwin, Steve Bunn, Benedict Carpenter, Jo David, Eric, Amanda Francis, Ana Genoves, John Gerrard, Joy Gerrard, Brian Griffiths, Katharina Heilein, James Hyde, Paul Jones,

Grove Hibernaculums


Jenni Grove

Event/Opening 9th August 6.00-9.00pm 2003

A window exhibition by Jenni Grove.A unique property located at the south end of Clissold Park. Built against an existing structure and camouflaged to its surroundings,



Paul Jones

Monday 16th June 6-9pm 2003.

Objective – to make 3D topographical description of an imagined place.  Made out of cardboard from drawings influenced by Martian and Lunar landscape. 

sometime town


David Collins

opening event 22 Jan 2003 6-9pm. closing event 12 Feb 2003 6-9pm

sometime town is a process-based exploration; a dissecting of the artist’s past and present,