The Marquis Of Camberwell
Timberlina: photo: Marcus Weyland @ Scout Gallery

Curated by Jo David and Rachael House

Sunday 6 April 2008 at The Sun and Doves

OPEN: Sunday 6th April
4 – 8pm.

I’m the Marquis of Camberwell Green
I’m the downiest dude ever seen
I’m a gusher, I’m a rusher
I’m the Marquis of Camberwell Green

Music hall song verse

Ian Aitch reading from his new book We’re British,

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The Nexus Treatment
The Nexus Treatment 2008

Sarah Doyle


Launch, Thursday 3rd April:
6.30-8.30pm refreshments available outside 5 Lower Marsh SE1 7RJ.
After 8.30, ‘The Crown and Cushion’ pub, 133 Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7HR

Viewed from the street 24 hours. A Space Station Sixty-Five Satellite Project at Waterloo Health Centre.The second off-site window project at this London GP practice.

LOCATION: Waterloo Health Centre, 5 Lower Marsh, London, SE1 7RJ

Our North Cross Road gallery and project space is undergoing architectural development during 2008.

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It’s A Soft Hard World
It's a soft hard world

Stephen Nelson


Opening Event: 7th December 2007, 6.30-8.30pm.

Closing event: 27th January 2008 4 – 7pm.

A limited edition catalogue associated with the exhibition will be available, featuring texts by Gilane Tawadros and Bernard Walsh.

There will be a Space Capsule affordable edition by Stephen Nelson launched for this exhibition.

Stephen Nelson was the ACE Helen Chadwick Fellow in sculpture in 1999. He has exhibited internationally;

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Eight Weeks Of Change
Eight Weeks of Change

Davina & Daniel


Launch Event: 14th September 2007
6.30pm – 8.30pm.

Anonymous Clients: “Davina and Daniel have worked wonders for my self esteem” “I never knew therapy could be so much fun!”.

Eight Weeks of Change will offer visitors to Space Station Sixty-Five the opportunity to engage in a variety of Self Help inspired activities, devised to encourage an enjoyable approach to self-reflection, interactions, personal affirmations and creativity.

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The Dulwich Horror
The Dulwich Horror

Dean Kenning


Opening event: Friday 27th July 2007 6.30-8.30pm

Closing event: 2.09.07 4-7pm, performances.

A Space Station Sixty-Five window exhibition, viewed from the street.H.P. Lovecraft and the Crisis in British Housing
Exhibition runs: 20.07.07-2.09.07
viewable from the street 24hrs

A catalogue is available for sale, text by John Cussans.

‘TO LET’ signs: the symptom-mushrooms of the disease of private property, spreading like a
fungal infection across the walls of the city!

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Peckham Pet-Tastic 3
Peckham Pet-Tastic 3

Saturday 23/06/2007.

Closing evening: 16th March 6.30-8.30pm. A fancy dress picnic for dogs.

There’s no place like home.

Once again, Rachael House invites you to make a costume, dress up your dog, and bring it along to Peckham Pet-Tastic 3, the canine art social event of the year.

Buses 12, 36, 37, 63, 171, 343, 381, 436, 484, P12.Rail: Peckham Rye, Queen’s Road PeckhamTube: Elephant &

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The Nexus Treatment
Sarah Doyle, Ragdoll 2007

Sarah Doyle


Opening event: June 8th 6.30-8.30.

Diamonds are forever … Seen through these St. Laurent glasses And I’ve realized that I’ve arrived. Kanye West, from Late Registration
A Space Station Sixty-Five Window Project Viewed from the street 24 hours.

In the crystalline animated world of Sarah Doyle, The Nexus Treatment whirls and sparkles forever and ever. Counter intuitively utilising a hand made methodology, and consciously eschewing technological processes Doyle has crafted a Victorianesque hall of mirrors,

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Restoration - Sam Jones

Sam Jones


A Space Station Sixty-Five Satellite Project at Waterloo Health Centre. Viewed from the street 24 hours. Waterloo Health Centre 5 Lower Marsh London SE1 7RJ.

“Sam Jones’ art can be read as nightmarish, grotesquely grandiose, darkly subversive, and dense with allusion. Refreshingly, it also revels in its own sense of humour. It is these contradictions which make the work so compelling.”
Lotte Jeffs.

South-East London based artist,

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The Starchy Gallery 2007
The Starchy Gallery

Anita Weston

Rosie Lee


Event: Sunday 25th February 2007, 9 – 1pm at Dulwich College Farmers Market

Closing evening: 16th March 6.30-8.30pm

Open gallery days: 12-6pm 3rd & 17th March.

A TRIUMPH IN POTATOES. The Starchy Gallery is a Fancy Dress Potato competition to dress or decorate a potato as a celebrity or great work of art.

Visitors to the gallery are invited to add their own late entries to the display,

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Davina & Daniel’s Lonely Hearts
Davina & Daniel's lonely hearts

Davina & Daniel

Wednesday, 14th February 2007

Event: 6-8.30pm.

Special Valentine’s drinks will be served with love. Two N/S artists (M and F) one young, the other young at heart, both with GSOH, seek like-minded singles, couples, friends, and exciting strangers to attend Valentine’s Day art event.

Genuine Offer. No Fees Involved. No Time Wasters!

Who is your ideal partner?

Could you describe them in no more than twenty words?

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Festival - Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan


Hosted by Mark McGowan.


Ideas Zoo

‘Ideas Zoo’ is like a political meeting in the upstairs of a pub – the room is full of allsorts and the debate keeps getting out of hand.

If Mark McGowan’s Festival was a music event, ‘Ideas Zoo’ would be the geek’s tent.

‘Ideas Zoo’ is based on the mistaken belief that thinking is the new black.

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Splashdown, Whitstable, Kent
Splashdown Whitstable

Kieron Dennis, Sarah Doyle, Marcia Farquhar, Jon Hicks, Daniel Lehan and Justine Pearsall


A series of Space Station Sixty-Five Satellite events, performances and projections, on Saturdays during the Biennale, in and around: Whitstable Tennis Courts, Coastguards Alley, Off Island Wall, Whitstable Kent CT5.

Performances & events, 12.00-18.00:
– Justine Pearsall’s Clip Test, dusk until after dark
– Preview of Kieron Dennis’ customized bikes 5-8pm 02/6/2006.


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Ethel Does Dulwich
Sally Leach Chicken 2005

Sally Leach


Opening Event 21/04/2006 6.30 – 8.30pm.

Old & new art by ethel in a free-for-all jumble sale. If you like it, you can take it.

ethel is old. ethel is new. ethel is me. ethel is you. ethel does painting. ethel does drawing.

ethel does dulwich. ethel and her unique brand of regenerated artworks has landed at Space Station Sixty-Five. The show is centred around a free-for-all art jumble sale in a wholesome living room environment.

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The Starchy Gallery, a triumph in potatoes
The Starchy Gallery


Rosie Lee

Anita Weston

Open evening: Friday 3rd March 6.30-8.30pm.

Open gallery day: Saturday 4th March 12-6pm.

Founded in 2003 by Rosie Lee and Anita Weston.The Starchy Gallery is a Fancy Dress Potato competition in aid of charity to dress or decorate a potato to resemble a celebrity of your choice. The event was founded in 2003 by Rosie Lee and Anita Weston. After the event, Space Station Sixty-Five will host a window display of The Starchy Gallery,from 27th February to 12th March,

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Thy Neighbours’ Ox 2
image: Cathie Pilkington - Jetzt Haben Ich Dich!

Curated by Jo David and Rachael House

Edwina Ashton, Susan Collis, Paul Jones, Sam Jones, Sarah Jones, Gayle Chong Kwan, Anila Ladwa, Stephen Nelson, Cathie Pilkington, Bada Song, Emma Talbot, Shane Waltener and Annie Whiles


Event Opening: 02/12/2005 6.30-8.30pm
Closing viewing 27/01/06 5-7pm.

A greedy abundance of new, recent and site-specific work.

Writings by Paul O’Kane and Janis Jefferies. Curated by Rachael House and Jo David.

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Popcornaut, Looking, Searching…
Landscape & sky-anomaly - Paul Jones

Paul Jones


Event 28/10/2005, 6.30-9pm.

Window exhibition of drawings. (viewed from the street 24 hours).

Sampled landscape images of a place unknown.

Paul Jones is the current recipient of the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award, exhibiting at Standpoint Gallery, Wed-Sat 12-6 until 22/10/2005.

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Untitled Video Piece
Olivia-jane Ransley, work in progress, Slides: charades series.

Olivia-Jane Ransley


Closing event: 09/09/2005 6.30-9pm.

Window show of untitled video piece (viewed from the street 24 hours). Ransley makes work concerned with process and the everyday. By isolating actions and situations and forcing us to really consider them she shows the mysterious in the ordinary as well as a subtle humour.

Creative, SWF, 23, with GSOH, interested in the arts, open to offers!

Olivia-jane Ransley makes work concerned with process and the everyday.

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Peckham Pet-Tastic 2
Peckham Pet-Tastic 2

Saturday 28/05/2005.

A fancy dress picnic for dogs

If you want something badly enough, sometimes you can make it happen. Twice.

On a Bank Holiday Saturday last May, Peckham Square was alive with the marvellous sight of dogs dressed up. Of course, once was never going to be enough. Peckham Pet-Tastic 2 will have more dogs, more bunting, and be even more glamorous than before, a celebration of our relationships with our pets,

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