Northern Souls


Curated by Minna Haukka and Arto Korhonen

Northern Souls presents a wide array of Finnish contemporary artists who focus on minorities and minority experience. These artists dwell on northernness,

Art Lacuna

Friday 27 September 2013

Bodies That Matter

A one day and one evening event exploring the cross-over between art, artist and performance through the medium of the peer critique,

Long Time Dead

Debra Swann


Event September 13, 18.30-20.30.

It is certain that Swann knows very well the strong magic inherent in the ordinary and everyday: take care as you enter her world.

Motorcycle Cultures

Curated by Jo David, Rachael House and Caryn Simonson


Fashioning Bikes, Building Identities.

An exciting short-run exhibition curated to coincide with the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference 2013 in the Triangle Space at Chelsea College of Art.

These Foolish Things


Shenton’s cartoons are often camp but they’re not just camp, and they’re not that awful apolitical offensive camp, but a light, knowing, meaningful camp; their first task is to entertain and to make the audience laugh –

Small Islands #3

Charlotte Squire


From an ongoing installation series, Small Islands#3 presents possible lives for dispossessed objects reimagined & reconfigured… They are all the more curious for their mundane origins.