Splashdown, Whitstable, Kent
Splashdown Whitstable

Kieron Dennis, Sarah Doyle, Marcia Farquhar, Jon Hicks, Daniel Lehan and Justine Pearsall


A series of Space Station Sixty-Five Satellite events, performances and projections, on Saturdays during the Biennale, in and around: Whitstable Tennis Courts, Coastguards Alley, Off Island Wall, Whitstable Kent CT5.

Performances & events, 12.00-18.00:
– Justine Pearsall’s Clip Test, dusk until after dark
– Preview of Kieron Dennis’ customized bikes 5-8pm 02/6/2006.


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Ethel Does Dulwich
Sally Leach Chicken 2005

Sally Leach


Opening Event 21/04/2006 6.30 – 8.30pm.

Old & new art by ethel in a free-for-all jumble sale. If you like it, you can take it.

ethel is old. ethel is new. ethel is me. ethel is you. ethel does painting. ethel does drawing.

ethel does dulwich. ethel and her unique brand of regenerated artworks has landed at Space Station Sixty-Five. The show is centred around a free-for-all art jumble sale in a wholesome living room environment.

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The Starchy Gallery, a triumph in potatoes
The Starchy Gallery


Rosie Lee

Anita Weston

Open evening: Friday 3rd March 6.30-8.30pm.

Open gallery day: Saturday 4th March 12-6pm.

Founded in 2003 by Rosie Lee and Anita Weston.The Starchy Gallery is a Fancy Dress Potato competition in aid of charity to dress or decorate a potato to resemble a celebrity of your choice. The event was founded in 2003 by Rosie Lee and Anita Weston. After the event, Space Station Sixty-Five will host a window display of The Starchy Gallery,from 27th February to 12th March,

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Thy Neighbours’ Ox 2
image: Cathie Pilkington - Jetzt Haben Ich Dich!

Curated by Jo David and Rachael House

Edwina Ashton, Susan Collis, Paul Jones, Sam Jones, Sarah Jones, Gayle Chong Kwan, Anila Ladwa, Stephen Nelson, Cathie Pilkington, Bada Song, Emma Talbot, Shane Waltener and Annie Whiles


Event Opening: 02/12/2005 6.30-8.30pm
Closing viewing 27/01/06 5-7pm.

A greedy abundance of new, recent and site-specific work.

Writings by Paul O’Kane and Janis Jefferies. Curated by Rachael House and Jo David.

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Popcornaut, Looking, Searching…
Landscape & sky-anomaly - Paul Jones

Paul Jones


Event 28/10/2005, 6.30-9pm.

Window exhibition of drawings. (viewed from the street 24 hours).

Sampled landscape images of a place unknown.

Paul Jones is the current recipient of the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award, exhibiting at Standpoint Gallery, Wed-Sat 12-6 until 22/10/2005.

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Untitled Video Piece
Olivia-jane Ransley, work in progress, Slides: charades series.

Olivia-Jane Ransley


Closing event: 09/09/2005 6.30-9pm.

Window show of untitled video piece (viewed from the street 24 hours). Ransley makes work concerned with process and the everyday. By isolating actions and situations and forcing us to really consider them she shows the mysterious in the ordinary as well as a subtle humour.

Creative, SWF, 23, with GSOH, interested in the arts, open to offers!

Olivia-jane Ransley makes work concerned with process and the everyday.

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Peckham Pet-Tastic 2
Peckham Pet-Tastic 2

Saturday 28/05/2005.

A fancy dress picnic for dogs

If you want something badly enough, sometimes you can make it happen. Twice.

On a Bank Holiday Saturday last May, Peckham Square was alive with the marvellous sight of dogs dressed up. Of course, once was never going to be enough. Peckham Pet-Tastic 2 will have more dogs, more bunting, and be even more glamorous than before, a celebration of our relationships with our pets,

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Penny + Eric
Penny + Eric


Opening: Friday 22nd April 2005, 6.30-9pm.
Closing: Sunday 12th June 3-7pm.

Two artists.
A long friendship.
A lot of trust.

Two exhibitions.
One made by Eric.
One made of Eric’s.

Part One: ERIC [rosoman] – Bednarskiego Park
open 21/04/05 – 8/05/05
Thursday – Sunday 12-6pm
Transition (window show) open 9/05/05 – 25/05/05
Thursday – Sunday 4-6pm
Part Two: Penny Davis –

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Restoration - Sam Jones

Sam Jones


Closing event Friday 28 January 2005 6.30-9pm. Viewed from the street: 24 hours.

Restoration is a homage to the artists own childhood; one spent in awe of the imposing houses and grand historicism of his local area, Greenwich, and submerged in imaginary worlds of palaces and princesses, to transport him from the domestic reality of his own life. The physical act of handling materials, making, pinning, sewing or drawing,

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Welcome To The Hotscent Experience Part 2
Sloap Solutions

Katharina Heilein


Opening Meet Friday 12th November 2004, 6.30-9pm, All welcome.

SLOAPsolutions’ latest project. “Welcome to The Hot Scent Experience” proposes the staging of that most embattled of country pursuits – a fox hunt – in the streets around the Space Station Sixty-Five gallery in Dulwich.

The rural life has proved an enduring paradigm for the successive urban reform movements that have sought to shape the European City in the wake of industrialisation.

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Product Placement
Blob - Amanda Francis

Amanda Francis


Product Launch 17th September 2004, 6.30-9pm.

Visitors are invited to take Blob away for a mere £3.00 each, allowing it to become part of their lives, Think about Blob, play with it, talk about it, or just neglect it.
Blob, watch it transform.

Amanda Francis is interested in exploring the efficacy of the art object in society. Traditionally the art object has been a class-bound entity,

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Welcome To The Hotscent Experience Part 1
Sloap Solutions

Katharina Heilein


Evening event Friday 13th August 2004, 6.30-9pm.

Territory, both a rural and urban concern, is the way in which space can be claimed and controlled. However Spaces left Over After Planning (SLOAPS) can neither be controlled nor claimed, and become pockets of disruption within the cityscape….

Perceived as a sly and cunning pest in rural communities, in an urban context, the fox is thought of as a benign presence.

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Disposable Universe
Disposable Universe

Kevin Osmond


PRESS PREVIEW: Thursday 10 June 2004 2-4 pm
PRIVATE VIEW: Friday 11 June 2004 6.30-9 pm.

Kevin Osmond’s new work questions the mundane. He asks, “How many forms can be made from the length of a paperclip?” “what kind of doodles can be created from the life of one pen?” “How infinite is a constellation of wooden rods?”

Osmond transforms cheap and familiar office and household products,

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Peckham Pet-Tastic
Peckham Pet-tastic

Saturday 1 May 2004

Peckham Pet-Tastic is a fancy dress picnic for dogs and their owners. .Inspired by Macy’s Pet-Acular in New York, the annual Easter bonnet parade for dogs, Rachael House is bringing New York glamour to the heart of Peckham. Dog owners are invited to dress up their dogs and come along. All welcome! No entrance charge.

Dogs will remain the responsibility of their owners at all times. All dogs must be kept on leads.

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Curio - Cathie Pilkington


Cathie Pilkington

Event/Opening: 12 March 2004, 6 – 9pm.

A window show at Space Station Sixty-Five. Taxidermy in the expanded field of art. A window show at Space Station Sixty-Five.

Kapok Heart

Cathie Pilkington’s work is a kind of taxidermy in the expanded field of art. It is a taxidermy of discarded, outmoded objects rather than carcasses. There is no material or object so utterly dead and dilapidated that it cannot be “sat up”,

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JJ Stevens

Event Opening 6.30 – 9 pm December 12th 2003.

A Space Station Sixty-Five continuous window show. Endurance/performance video installation of exaggerated drag and uncomfortable camp turning ugly.

Dandy features a strangely comical, sexually ambiguous and luridly colourful caricature of clownish drag. In this cabaret guise, the artist performs a doomed attempt of sustaining a lively and spontaneous moment for the video camera. Initially the viewer is arrested with a photographically still image of the character in an expressive and playful pose,

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Thy Neighbours’ Ox
Thy Neighbours' Ox


Guy Allott, Wilhelmina Baldwin, Steve Bunn, Benedict Carpenter, Jo David, Eric, Amanda Francis, Ana Genoves, John Gerrard, Joy Gerrard, Brian Griffiths, Katharina Heilein, James Hyde, Paul Jones, Sarah Jones, Stephen Nelson, Mirja Oksanen, Paul O�Kane, Michael Samuels and Alison Wilding

Opening Event Wednesday 24 September 6.30-9pm 2003.

Thy Neighbours’ Ox samples the objects of our desires.

At the start of it’s second year Space Station Sixty-Five expands its aim of bringing together artists at different stages of their career.

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