Music & Liberation
Deborah M. Withers The Fabulous Dirt Sisters from The Feminist Music Archive

Curated by Deborah M Withers


Opening: Friday 30 November 6.30-8.30pm.

Opening hours Thurday to Sunday 12 to 6pm.

An exhibition about Women’s Liberation Music Making in the UK. It will showcase how feminists used music as an activist tool to entertain and empower women during the 1970s and 1980s. It brings together for the first time a diverse collection of women’s cultural heritage to inspire and inform contemporary audiences about the politics of music making.

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John Palatinus
John Palatinus


Opening: Friday 19 October 6.30-8.30pm.

Opening hours
Thurday to Sunday
12 to 6pm.

SS65 are excited to show the London leg of this touring exhibition by renowned photographer John Palatinus.

John Palatinus is one of the few surviving leaders in the fight for the freedom to disseminate gay photography and art during the 1950’s and 60’s. He is a legendary photographer from an era now called the Golden Age of Physique Photography.

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Cabaret Mechanical Theatre – Part Two
Cabaret Mechanical Theatre


Open Thursday to Sunday 12pm to 6 pm
65 North Cross Road
London SE22 9ET

Rail: East Dulwich
Bus: 484, 197, 176, 185, 40,37, P13, 12.

Opening hours
Thursday to Sunday
11am to 6pm.

CMT continue their residency as guest exhibitors at Space Station Sixty-Five in East Dulwich.
(65 North Cross Road, East Dulwich,

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Who is Ana Mendieta?
Who is Ana Mendieta? Book Cover


Opening hours: Thurday to Sunday 12 to 6pm.

This exhibition showcases original drawings from the book Who Is Ana Mendieta? by Christine Redfern and Caro Caron; published by The Feminist Press.

This gripping graphic novel richly documents the tragically brief life of artist Ana Mendieta (18/11/1948 – 8/09/1985) her violent death & it’s aftermath.

Panel discussion: Women and the Graphic Novel
As part of The London Art Book Fair at Whitechapel Gallery,

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MyPeople Project: Solar Plexus
MyPeople Logo

Curated by MyPeople


Opening: 31 August 2012 18.30-20.30.

Space Station Sixty-Five are pleased to host the London exhibition for the My People Project.

MyPeople Project explores the subject of networking and suggests a
new approach to developing a network for an intercultural dialogue and
exchange between artists from different cities.  The process will result
in exhibitions in London,

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No Now!
'Misty Fur Sculpture', unique thumb-sized editions by Jo David launched to coincide with the No Now! exhibition.


Thursday-Sunday 12.00-18.00
and by appointment.

Space Station Sixty-Five is 10 years old this July.

We have invited a selection of artists to be part of this celebratory exhibition, some of whom we have shown during the last ten years, as well as some we hope to work more with in the future.

Invited Artists are 
Rosalie Schweiker, Cathie Pilkington, Ole Hagen, Edwina Ashton, Stephen Nelson,

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Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
Cabaret Mechanical Theatre

29/06/2012-07/09/2012. AT OUR NORTH CROSS ROAD SITE
Open Thursday to Sunday 12pm to 6pm
65 North Cross Road
London SE22 9ET

Rail: East Dulwich
Bus: 484, 197, 176, 185, 40,37, P13, 12

You Tube Video
Welcoming CMT’s 5000 visitor at Space Station Sixty-Five

Space Station Sixty-Five (65 North Cross Road, East Dulwich, London, SE22 9ET) are delighted to host an exhibition of contemporary automata by Cabaret Mechanical Theatre,

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‘I just want to be taken seriously as an artist . . . etc’
Ukulele Louie, 2006, 20 x 30 inches, Chromogenic photograph on archival Kodak paper, copyright Shari Hatt.

Shari Hatt


Opening preview 30/03/2012 6.30-8.30pm

Opening Times
Thursday-Sunday 12.00-18.00pm

new site address:
373 Kennington Road, London SE11 4PS
Exhibition previewing new site.

This exhibition by Canadian artist, Shari Hatt features the photographic series Clown Portraits (2006) and adjunct video I just want to be taken seriously as an artist (2007). Also presented is Hatt’s latest video in The Studio Visit (2011) and corresponding watercolour series Disappointing Paintings (2011).

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Levitating Doll Cathie Pilkington

Jay Cloth

Cathie Pilkington


Launch event Friday 25 February 6.30-8.30pm

Friday 13th May, 6.30-8.30pm.

Space Station Sixty-Five is delighted to announce that we have commissioned Cathie Pilkington and Jay Cloth to undertake a new collaboration, culminating in this exhibition, Misericord.

Please note: this exhibition contains some images which may be considered unsuitable for children

Exhibition review in Studio International by MK Palomar

Curated by Directors Jo David and Rachael House,

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Stone Shoes
Stone Shoes (2010) 2010 Trish Scott Video: 354, 4:3:PAL, colour


Trish Scott

Event: 07/12/10, 6.30-8.30pm

An opening event with the launch of Brilliant Braille’s Space Capsule badge edition – each badge is unique.
Space Station Sixty-Five has commissioned an edition of 50, each edition consisting of a pair of badges for £10. .A window exhibition viewed from the street.Trish Scott uses performance, video and installation to intervene in and transform experiences of the everyday. She has carried out projects internationally including Ethnographic Terminalia,

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Big Society
Image by Rosalie Schweiker


A window exhibition, viewed from the street.

Space Station Sixty-Five invites you to respond to the notion of ‘Big Society’.

What is the ‘big society’ if not arts for everyone? Tiny grants already stretch far into communities, making music, dancing and art, engaging with history and heritage, drawing people together in shared emotions and experiences. Civic pride, quality of life, pleasure and endeavour (and art for arts sake) is cheap for its rich returns,

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Adventures In Kate Bush And Theory
Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory book jacket design

Deborah M Withers

Sunday March 21st 2010
2.00pm-5.00pm – Launch event at Space Station Sixty-Five.

Space Station Sixty-Five is delighted to invite you to an afternoon of informal discussions and readings to launch the book Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory by Deborah M. Withers.

Drawing on cutting edge feminist philosophy, critical theory and queer studies, Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory makes theory accessible to new audiences. Through analysis of the music,

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be careful what you wish for
Window exhibition detail


Elaine Arkell, Alain Ayers, Zoe Brown, John Butterworth, Sarah Cole, Jo David, Kimathi Donkor, Sarah Doyle, Eli-Rose, Leyla Folwell, Charlie Fox, Peter Fraser, Cecilia Gelin, Beatty Hallas, John Heyderman, Rachael House, Paul Jones, Cyril Lepetit, Mrs Migginsmiddle, Alice Randall, Ben Randall, Olivia-Jane Ransley, DJ Roberts, Danielle Rosier, Nicola Schauerman, Erica Smith and Nicola Wills

CLOSING EVENT FRIDAY 23 APRIL 6.30-8.30.Space Station Sixty-Five invites you to tell us your hopes for art.

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Walking Down Rye Lane
Walking down Rye Lane

Nicholas Cobb


Opening: 9/10/09, 6.30-8.30pm.

Part of “The Peckham Experiment“.

Nicholas Cobb exhibits recent instalments in his ongoing, intricate and exhaustive representation of Peckham’s Rye Lane in three dimensions.

With Ellie Harrison’s Vending Machine which will distribute free bags of crisps throughout The Peckham Experiment, this largesse is, however, dependent on the machine receiving bad news about the UK economy via an internal BBC information-feed. This basically means that what’s bad for the rest of the country is good for exhibition-goers!

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The Peckham Experiment
Image: Pioneer Health Foundation and Southwark Local History Library

Jonathan Bishop, Nicholas Cobb, Freee, Ellie Harrison, Dean Kenning, Gayle Chong Kwan, Freddie Robins, Mark Wayman and Annie Whiles

Curated by Jo David and Rachael House


Artists’ work at Camberwell Space (formerly Foyer Space) and other venues in Peckham, Camberwell and East Dulwich, in response to innovative social health project The Peckham Experiment.

See Programme Below for dates and venues.



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Monkey Toby Jugs And More
Punch sculpture 2009 by Cathie Pilkington

Cathie Pilkington


Launch event Friday 15th May 2009, 6.30-8.30pm
Open Day, Saturday 16th May, 2009, 12-6pm.

A Space Station Sixty-Five window exhibition, viewed from the street 24 hours, or open by appointment.We are pleased to invite you to the launch evening for the second half of Cathie Pilkington’s monkey Toby jug edition, a Space Station Sixty-Five Space Capsule, commissioned as part of an affordable art series. Other sculptures by Cathie Pilkington will also be shown throughout May and June,

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The Gift And The Message
The gift and the message

Jan Kjetil Bjørheim


Opening event: 28/11/2008 6.30-8.30pm.

A Space Station Sixty-Five window exhibition, viewed from the street or open by appointment

Mixed media installation – video and sculpture

I come with a gift of light from a northern land hidden in darkness. I come with a gift and a message.

You have seen our trees many times before. You buy them during your yuletide holiday and put them in your houses,

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Smile More, Laugh Now, Cry Less


A Space Station Sixty-Five window exhibition, viewed from the street

Wednesday 15 October – Sunday 26th October
In collaboration with Laughter Lab, counterproductions will be a specially commissioned Smiling Mantra Poster.

Monday 27th October – Friday 7th November, 5-7pm. Project supported by Urban Bear Research Centre.

Saturday 8th November – Wednesday 19th November
Project supported by Urban Bear Research Centre.

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Carny Town
Still from 'Wuqiao' by Zoe Brown

Dominic Allan, Zoe Brown, Marisa Carnesky, Jo David, Charlie Fox, Webster Gotts, Rachael House, Sarah Jones, Lady Lucy, Mark McGowan, Alex Michon and Cathie Pilkington

Curated by Jo David and Rachael House


Open: Thur-Fri 4-7pm, Sat 1-6pm

A Space Station Sixty-Five exhibition at:
The Portman Gallery,
Portman Place,
London E2 OPX

And featuring;
the map of The Ride of Life.

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The Marquis Of Camberwell
Timberlina: photo: Marcus Weyland @ Scout Gallery

Curated by Jo David and Rachael House

Sunday 6 April 2008 at The Sun and Doves

OPEN: Sunday 6th April
4 – 8pm.

I’m the Marquis of Camberwell Green
I’m the downiest dude ever seen
I’m a gusher, I’m a rusher
I’m the Marquis of Camberwell Green

Music hall song verse

Ian Aitch reading from his new book We’re British,

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